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Digital professional to lead the future
May 22-25, on Haian Bo will be held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, a number of enterprises to participate in the exhibition industry, was invited to attend.
      May 22 afternoon, the Shanghai Security Alarm Association Professional Committee of digital video and audio inaugural Summit was held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, the forum will be in 2008 on the Hai Anbo important to obtain the support of industry department and the active participation of industry players. Forum by a professional committee vice chairman Xie Zhongming, chaired the Public Security Bureau of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and three leaders, digital technology and image processing experts and scholars, leading financial institutions, product manufacturers, professional engineering units and systems integrators, China Telecom Shanghai Research Institute 100 guests attended the forum. Among them, the guests were present at the meeting, Shanghai Public Security Corps deputy commander, director of Shanghai Public Security Bureau Jifang Ban, Shanghai Security Alarm Association Sunting Hua; Jifang Ban Shanghai Public Security Bureau deputy director of Shanghai Security Alarm Association Secretary-General Peng Xing Bao; Shanghai University Computer Science Associate Dean, Professor Chen Yimin and other leaders and academics. In addition, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places of public security bureau Jifang Ban leadership and system integrators also attended the forum.
       Forum Half arranged three keynote speeches, including engineers, Hikvision brought Keynote "Digital Monitor Status and Future" and "Approaching IP surveillance", as well as Shanghai Hao-dimensional engineer of the "Intelligent TV monitor Discussion on the application of technology, "the presentation. Three lectures on both the content and quality of the attendees has been widely recognized, the experts have said: The forum topic is correct, the content depth the issues raised within the industry are perplexing question, played a professional digital video and audio The role of the Committee of the professional guidance.
      Summit of the second half, Jifang Ban by the Shanghai Public Security Bureau deputy director of Shanghai Security Alarm Association, Mr. Peng Xingbao and Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Zheng Yibo, vice president of a dialogue. Dialogue from industry management and the future status of digital technologies in such areas, Peng Xing Bao on the host's anti-technology work on Shanghai's leading sexual and administration role, Shanghai anti-technology facilities such coverage was wonderful answer, He said: "the current focus on units and parts of Shanghai has covered more than 80,000 units installed in more than 30 ten thousand cameras in 19 districts and counties set up 29 regional alarm center. Jifang Ban as a management department, grasping live qualification, standard setting, accreditation, inspection, training and other important aspects, and effectively improve the quality of the project, to play the effectiveness of anti-technology facilities. "In addition Mr. Peng Xingbao on how to do a good job completion and acceptance, Shanghai Why should first perform GB20815 DVR national standards, how to treat DB31/295-2003 "security technology monitor with DVR General technical requirements" historical role of local standards and other topics were detailed answer. Mr. Zheng Yibo, standing on the perspective of enterprise development, answered questions about the security industry video storage scheme selection, security industry trends, HD and intelligent technology and other topics. He said: "decentralized storage, centralized management, reliability, rationality, economy, expanding its program determines the general applicability of the domestic engineering in the compression algorithm has made a sustained investment, has formed a number of high- quality products, while domestic companies will be around for a variety of upcoming video equipment and multi-channel bandwidth video coding standard for research and development, with independent intellectual property rights and product support AVS algorithm of high-definition and intelligent behavior analysis is necessarily lower an important direction for application development, he also candidly practical at this stage in the restricted variety of factors. "also summarizes the overall phenomenon of digital surveillance technology: Digital ripe, networking is perfect, intelligent imminent rise.
      Finally, the moderator of the forum held once again stressed the purpose of: give the power of the Yangtze River Delta, set all the wisdom of experts, to achieve a new starting point for the development of the security industry to make greater contributions.
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